6/3/18 - Intuitive Eating presented by Noteworthy Resources and Kristen Ackerman, MS, RD, CDN - 2-4PM

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Kristen will introduce the ten core principles of intuitive eating; mindful eating exercises, and help participants to identify their current level of intuitive eating. Participants will take a short questionnaire to identify areas where they may be able to improve their relationship to food. The questionnaire includes yes/no statements such as “I try to avoid certain foods high in fat, carbs or calories” and “I do not trust my body to tell me how much to eat”, etc.

10 Principles of Intuitive Eating:

1) Reject the diet mentality
2) Honor your hunger
3) Make peace with food
4) Challenge the food police
5) Feel your fullness
6) Discover the satisfaction factor
7) Cope with your emotions without using food
8) Respect your body
9) Joyful Movement
10) Honor your health through gentle nutrition

Cost: $25