6/16/18 - SoulWriting: Writing from our Mirrors with Leiah Bowden - 11-2PM

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We are made from the stars and our cells remember their birth.

We are Source exploding into every life form imaginable, and all creation is our mirror, with each of us a mirror to every other one of us. We can look in any mirror we want and see who we are and read our own stories, the stories that feel like we’re making it all up, and the stories that come home to us with arms spread wide to our grateful tears and joyous laughter.

Leiah will guide our journey as we look into deeply fathomable selves and write the stories that come to us as reflections of our own nature.

It’s the rules that make everything hard, and in this writing workshop, there are no rules. In four modest hours, you will roll back the gossamer film over your hidden gates to your deepest wisdom and highest knowing. You’ll find surprising characters, guides, and teachers waiting to reveal their secrets, tumble along on a stream of words carrying you to a pool of wisdom and discovery, and write your heart and soul, effortlessly.

And it will be easy and fun!

Reasons to come:

1. Never have writer’s block again.

2. Release your hidden wisdom into powerful words.

3. Hear and love the hidden voice you need to include in your version of who you think you are.

4. Increase your self confidence as a person.

5. Increase your self-confidence as a writer.

6. Marvel at the outpouring of your soul’s love for you.

7. Feel the blessing of the gift you have to offer by being your true self.

8. Be delighted!

9. Come home to your deeper self.

10. Give voice to your own inner teacher.

Cost: $50

Instructor: Leiah Bowden

Leiah Bowden is a lifelong meditator, self-taught, intuitive artist and visionary. She accesses a realm where our souls are unveiled, and from within a light trance state, creates these spiritual Energy Portraits in pastels as commissioned works of art and healing tools. Each Energy Portrait comes with guidance from the subject's and Leiah's higher Self, angelic being, and off-planet intelligence.