6/20/18 - Special Meditation - Cursing is Good for the Soul with Nicole - 6-7PM

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Back by popular demand.....

Mindfulness comes in may forms. Would you think that cursing could be one of them? Cursing, not only helps you to express yourself, but studies have shown that it can help relieve pain and release stress. Join Nicole for a honest and unfiltered meditation that will let your inner voice be released and help you let go of your stressful day.

Not for children, ADULTS ONLY please!!

We are not looking to offend anyone. If this is not your thing, that is ok. We have been asked many times to have something like this to help people release, Nicole stood up for the task!! These words will be used as a release to help with inner healing and NOT for hurt.

You asked, we listen: This meditation will be on the THIRD Wednesday of every month!! Join us!

Cost: $10
Meditator: Nicole Miele